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Origins Dance Company Bayside

Origins Dance Company Bayside is an exciting performance based company that provides developing young artists with professional level performance experience, and exposure to leading Contemporary dance choreographers & artists.

Origins Dance Company Bayside is designed for dancers between ages 12 – 25 who have a strong understanding and passion for Contemporary Dance. Dancers will be exposed to a range of creative processes and performance techniques that will celebrate their individuality and expand their dance vocabulary.

Origins Dance Company aims to provide a non competitive and collaborative space for dancers striving to achieve a career in dance.

We are thrilled to be launching our 2021 Seasons of Origins Dance Company Bayside!   We have a massive year planned; dancers will have the opportunity to work with Jayden Hicks, Kaitlin Malone and Kayla Douglas.   
A complimentary workshop and audition will be happening on Sunday 21st February from 10am – 12pm.  This is your chance to join us and find out about all things ODC and what 2021 has in store.  The shows are set to be a magical and rewarding experience for all involved and we hope that you can join us!