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Adult Yoga

We are thrilled to offer Adults and students over 16 years of age Yoga classes!    Check out our adult timetable for class times –

Adult Timetable for 2018

Beginners: Suitable for those new to yoga or with basic experience who want to build on the fundamentals of their practice. Many modifications and props are offered throughout the class to design a yoga practice complementary to each individual student.

Slow Flow: Paced in the middle of Beginners and Power Flow, this is a beautiful option for those wanting to progress their practice further or who are coming back from illness or injury. A flowing class that cultivates strength, flexibility and alignment while at the same time nourishes the body and mind. Available in both 40 and 60 minute lengths to help fit into a busy schedule.

Power Flow: A strong, deep flow for students who have a consistent practice and want to continue challenging themselves further. A more vigorous practice that is intelligently sequenced to improve cardiovascular health, recharge and invigorate.

New student information:

  1. Arrive 15 minutes early to have a chat about your experience and any illness or injury you may have.
  2. We recommend you don’t eat for at least up to 2 hours before practicing as it can make you feel ill.
  3. Wear comfortable, light and non-restrictive clothing.
  4. Bring a yoga mat (if you have one), a drink bottle and a small towel if you wish.